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Android G1 battery reviewed

jkOnTheRun has reviewed Mugen 2400mAh battery for T-Mobile G1:

Mugen Power has been making high-capacity batteries for notebooks and phones for years. Their reputation is very good and their batteries always seem to add a lot of life to the device when compared to standard batteries. The battery for the G1 is no exception. It looks to be very well made and you only have to look at the Mugen battery next to the standard G1 battery to see how much more powerful it is.

Read On… If you are running a website, blog, forum about mobile devices and would like to review some of our batteries, please contact us so we can send it to you.

Firefox has 100% browser market share

Yes! This is true! At least, in Antarctica, check it out yourself:



It seems the only user has made his final decision and switched to the Firefox.

That’s what StatCounter news service: GlobalStats are showing.  Globally the picture looks also not so promising for Microsoft:



Europe looks most promising for Firefox, it looks like IE will be No.2 browser by the end of the year:



And in some countries it is already, for example Hungary:



or, even more brutal, as expected - Germany:



Germany has done great job on private and governmet level to adopt open-source software country-wide and results clearly can be seen.

Microsoft is still looking strong in technologically under-developed parts of the world, like South America, Africa and… North America, but we will see for how long and how IE8 and FF3.1 will change the picture this year.

You can get more graphs of countries worldwide at  StatsCounter Global Stats

Company Registration in Hong Kong

I get a lot of questions about registering a company in Hong Kong - people need it for various resons, but mainly because a company in Hong Kong gets offshore status by default if it is not doing any business on the territory of Hong Kong. It’s a perfect solution to run a buying office, if you source from china, and to leave part of the profits here - tax free!

Our partner - who helped us with establishing Etrade Asia Ltd. in Hong Kong is Intercorp Asia - a solid company which has excellent professional staff and is pleasent to deal with! They even have a special deal for new registrations at the moment, you can check it out here:  Hong Kong Incorporation Special Price Offer.