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A letter from customer

I love this one! This makes me feel that we are doing right thing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I simply wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed ordering from you. I’ve ordered from other on-line vendors who advertises products thats not even within their stock as yet but never tell the customer and when I tried calling, all I’d get is computer talk and never an answered e-mail. Well you’ve restored my faith in ordering again. I did order a Mugen Battery from you which I just received as of this writing and I am very pleased with it.

I want to also commend you on your stellar customer service, being a bit on the nervous side of on-line ordering, you answered each and every e-mail I sent you and I do so appreciate your time, patience, and your extended customer consideration.

I’ve told my friends, co-workers and relatives about you and they will be placing orders since they too just purchased new pdas. I honestly do feel that you set customer standards so many others has yet to follow. You do seem to carry anything and everything one could need or want and I will be placing still another order with you because I will be wanting and needing the 4500 mAh mugen battery for my htc touch hd.

I’ve never written a company before, but I was actually so suprised to deal with a company who caters to the customer and not giving the customer the feeling that the company is doing them a favor by selling to them. Thank you so much for being who and how you are and I will say that you do indeed have a customer right here in Baltimore Maryland USA.

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